Step Into Your Courage

In this keynote, I challenge educators to be courageous.  Their actions and words can have a profound impact on themselves, their classrooms, and the people around them.

Courage, Creativity, and Empathy:
the Intersection of Change

Discover the effect creativity and empathy can have: how creativity improves instruction, empathy enhances relationships, and courage empowers us to embrace both.

Courage, Creativity, and Innovation: Crafting the Profession
STEM Skills / Life Skills
Out of the Box:
Developing Authentic Problem Solvers

Often times, we package problem solving into a tidy process to give the students; "Follow the steps!"  Rather than problem solving, we're teaching students to follow a recipe.  This session will focus on ways to engage students in authentic problem solving through activities, projects, real world applications, and much more.  Come ready to think outside the box so you can get your students to learn outside theirs!